What Gift Should I Get for My Mom's 50th Birthday?

by Susanna

My sister and I want to get our mom something really thoughtful for her 50th birthday. We are throwing a party, but she is so wonderful and we want to do more. She is not a materialistic person. Please help us with some 50th birthday present ideas.

Hi Susanna,

You are right for wanting to do something more than throwing a party for your mom – after all 50th birthday is quite a biggie…

Here are some meaningful 50th birthday present ideas for your mom:

Story of my life – Make her a scrapbook or a photo book album that tells the story of her life, or major milestones in her life if you can't go back far enough.

Collect photos from different times in her life. Ask your grandparents, her siblings, old friends and your dad for photos of her (If they aren't in digital format - scan them). Ask them for interesting or funny stories from the time a picture was taken.

Arrange the photos and the stories in chronological order.

You can go for the crafty version and make a scrapbook out of the photos and the stories or you can go for the digital version. You can use one of these websites where you download their software to your computer, design your photo book album and send it back to the company to print it for you. They all have a very friendly user interface. I'm using Picaboo but there are many others.

Cook Book – If your mom loves to cook and have an old notebook where she keeps all her recipes you can make her a cook book. Take these recipes and turn them into your mom's cook book. You can make copies of it and give it as a gift to the party guests. That will give her something to be proud of!

Video Clip – Ask family members and close friends what they are wishing for your mom on her 50th birthday. Video shoot them while wishing and then edit it and make a video out of it. You can ask them questions about your mom or to tell stories about your mom (How daddy met her, what kind of a child she was…) and add it too. You can play the video as a surprise at the party you are throwing.

I hoped you'll use one of these 50th birthday present ideas for your mom's gift.

Good Luck!


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50th Birthday Present Ideas for My Mom

by Joe
(Oklahoma, USA)

My mom's 50th birthday is next week and I want to do something special for her for a gift but nothing really comes to mind. What can I give her? Keep in mind that I'm only 16 and I don't have a driver's license. Please – find me a gift!

Hi Joe,

Finding 50th birthday present ideas for your mom is quite challenging under your circumstances but don’t worry. I have some ideas.

Coupon book – It is totally free and you'll only need your computer and your time. Just remember that when your mom wants to redeem a coupon there are no excuses!!! A gift is a gift…

Use your computer and design the coupons – make a template using the words "Good For one". Put on them things that can really help your mom or that can be fun for her. Here are some ideas:

  • Doing the dishes.

  • Babysitting your little siblings so mom can have the afternoon to herself.

  • Cleaning and reorganizing the garage.

  • Give her computer lessons on using facebook / twitter or how to download movies/music. I know my mom would really appreciate this one :0)

  • Breakfast in bed.

Candy Bar Card – This is a fun gift to make and a great gift to receive. Write her a card using candy names. Then – go to the grocery store and get the candies whose names you used in the card. Take a big and firm backing sheet; write the words but when you have a candy name put the candy you bought instead. The result is fun and impressive. Your mom will be touched or amused by your wishes – depends on your wording and can enjoy from the candies too.

Photo Collage – One of the best 50th birthday present ideas for mom, any mom, should be about the most important thing in her life – her family. Make your mom a nice impressive photo collage from your family's photos.

Another great photo gift idea can be Photo cubes. Take 4 cubes, glue family photo on each side and give your mom a unique home décor she can change every other day.

Photo cubes are great homemade holiday gifts.
With only 4 cubes you get 1296 different photo combinations and endless placement options. You can play with them and get a new home decor every day.

Hope I helped.


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I Need 50th Birthday Present Ideas for My Mom

by Melanie
(Toronto, Canada)

We are throwing my mom a surprise party and I need some 50th birthday present ideas... NO gag gifts please. Please – find me a gift!

Hi Melanie,

50 is quite a milestone.

You can make her a gift basket. There are many 50th birthday present ideas you can use to make a great gift basket. The idea is to give her 50 items from each gift. Each gift will represent something you wish her. If 50 is too much you can just give gifts that represent your wishes:

  • 50 lottery tickets for luck – you can use Chinese fortune cookies instead.

  • 50 Hershey's kisses - for love.

  • 50 chocolate coins (or 50$ bill) – for wealth.

  • 50 Family photos – for more happy memories.

  • 50 hand written greeting cards from close friend and family – for being such a wonderful person.

  • 50 of her favorite candy – for all those sweet moments to come.

  • 50 herbal tea bags for – health (sorry – couldn't come up with something better).

  • 50 of her favorite songs – to lift up her soul.

  • 50 meditation sessions – for keeping a healthy mind.

Wrap each gift in a little gift box and put a little note saying what that gift stands for. Take all the boxes and put them inside a big box. You've got a wonderful 50th birthday gift basket for your mom.

Happy Birthday!!!


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