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Every morning when we go to work we place our most valuable thing in the whole world, our children, in the hands of their teachers. Some of them are great and some are exceptional!

Teachers don't go into teaching for the money. They see teaching as a calling as it is their profession. They work hard and they will go out of their way to help every child who needs extra help.

I want to let you in on a little secret – it is the thought that counts. So – when it comes down to it, teachers don't really care about the gift as much as they are grateful for the thought.

Unique teacher gifts are tokens of appreciation and are the parents' way to say "Thank You! "

The best teacher gift ideas are gifts of your time – sharing your talent or expertise with the class or doing something helpful for the teacher.

Homemade gift is another great way of letting the teacher know how much you value his/her work.

If you decide to buy a gift consider a group gift. Collect a small amount of money from each parent and buy one big gift. It can be a personal gift for the teacher or a gift that focuses on the teacher and the children. Teachers teach for the love of what they do and the best teacher gift will always benefit their students.

Teacher Gift Ideas

Don't forget to check if the school has a policy about presents for teachers. Some may have restrictions about what teachers are allowed to accept.

Here are some teacher gift ideas to make your gift search easy, simple and effortless:

Photo Collage - Creating a photo collage is a great teacher gift idea. Take your camera, go to school and start taking pictures. You can make a collage of "The class of..." with photos of all the students, you can have each students hold a letter and all of them make a photo card, you can have the kids "write" the card with their bodies or you can make a keepsake out of photos you and other parents took through out the year.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for Nursery and Elementary Teachers - These six teacher appreciation gift ideas are practical and touching in their simplicity. They're all useful gift ideas any kindergarten or elementary school teacher will be more than happy to use in her/his classroom.

"Thanks for Helping Me Grow" Gift Ideas - Teachers are helping our child to grow and develop in so many ways. It will be nice to thank them from time to time. The next 8 unique homemade teacher gifts are all about thanking the teacher for helping our child to grow and blossom.

Teacher Survival Kit - Teacher survival kit is the perfect gift for your child's teacher – it's modest and cheap, it shows your appreciation and it reminds the teacher why he/she chose to be a teacher.

The Best Teacher Gifts - are gifts that say thank you. Here are 8 easy, inexpensive, homemade gifts you can make to show your gratitude.

Candy Bar Cards - are a sweet inexpensive way to show your appreciation. Write a thank you card for your child's teacher. Weave candy names through the wording of the card. Use humor and be creative – candy bar cards can be as special as the person receiving it. When making the card - put real candy bars instead of the candy names.The result is wonderful. This is a unique gift that will leave a great impression.

Make Gift Certificates - The best teacher gifts are gifts of your time. Give your child's teacher homemade coupon book offering her your time, skills, talents and hobbies.
Here are some ideas:

  • Volunteer to supervise on a class field trip.
  • Homemade treats for a class event.
  • Read a story to the class and give the teacher some free time
  • Give a lecture on your day job or on an interesting hobby you have.
  • Plan a class party.
  • Offer your "Taxi" services on class activities like picnics, field trips or other fun activities.

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