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His birthday is coming soon and your best birthday presents list is empty. You are looking for that unique unusual gift for your man but nothing comes up… :-(


The Birthday Party Menu gift is exactly what you were looking for!

The BMenu is a five course menu – starters, first course, main course, side dishes and dessert. Each course is made up of 3-5 fun things that the birthday boy enjoys doing or having. For each course the B-boy "orders" his favorite "dish".

There are some important things you need to consider if you want this to be his best birthday present ever:
  • Decide how long the "BMenu Party" is going to last – a whole day? 3-4 hours?

  • Make a list of all the things he really enjoys doing – make it all about him!!! Then divide them into the five courses.

  • You need to be prepared to "serve" all the dishes. After all, you don't know what the B-boy might order…Once your menu is ready go through each dish and see what you need to prepare in advance.

  • See if there is someone who can help you on the same day so that everything will go smoothly.

  • Don't forget to tell him to clear his schedule on that day. You don't want to face double booking.

Now it is time to make the menu. You can use the computer or your own handwriting. Under each course add the "dishes" you chose for your B-boy.

Click here to get some FREE Microsoft word Menu templates you can edit and adjust.

Some Helpful Tips

  • God is in the little details so give them your undivided attention. This can really upgrade the experience.

  • Try to leave as minimum tasks as possible to do on the big day.

  • If you want to simplify the logistics hand the BMenu to the B-boy at the beginning of the "meal" and ask him to "order" all five courses at the same time. Then take yourself some time to make all the necessary arrangements before the party begins.

  • If you only have a few hours you can make it a 3 course menu.

  • With a little creativity you can plan a very frugal BMenu, yet very fun and memorable one.

  • If you need to make reservations or want to order tickets in advance for one of the activities – make this course a one dish course.

  • You may want to invite other people to celebrate his birthday. For example – Blowing candles, making a wish and eating the birthday cake with the whole family or going to the cinema with his best friend to see one of the latest movies. This will give you time to get ready for the next dish.

  • Keep the BMenu simple in terms of its planning and implementation and you have a wonderful last minute birthday gift.

It is the thought that counts… So, with a little thought and some imagination you can use this great idea for almost every occasion.

I can't wait to hear what you thought about the BMenu gift idea. Click here and share your best birthday present experience with the rest of us!

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