Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

by Tica
(Boston, MA, USA)

My best friend is turning 24 on August 4, 2012 and I need some birthday gift ideas for her.

She loves just about anything purple. She loved religious symbols. She has a fiery yet calming/friendly personality. She enjoys a good laugh.

She is a Service Support representative (Customer Service) and Nurse Aide. She loves to read; she loves calming music, Gospel and admires Kenny G. She enjoys driving.

She likes anything that takes her away from her busy life. She is always helping her friends and family the most.

Hi Tica,

Here are some gift ideas for your best friend's birthday:

  • Arrange a day of fun together and take her away from her busy life (you can invite another friend or 2). Start with a breakfast – make sure you include all her favorites or take her to her favorite diner/coffee shop. You mentioned she enjoys driving so take her to a test drive on one of these luxury cars (you can pretend she is checking the car because her parents are planning to buy it as her birthday present). Spend the afternoon at the spa – having a massage, a manicure, pedicure or any other fun girl's stuff. You can end the day with a birthday party with her family and close friends or continue to some other enjoyable activity…

  • You wrote she admires Kenny G. You can get her one (or more (0: ) of his CDs or DVDs. All the disks you buy from his site are autographed. I wanted to suggest that you take her to see his concert but I checked his web site and nothing is planned in your area :0(

  • "She loves just about anything purple" – so why not make her a purple gift basket? You can fit this one to any budget… Choose a nice container (maybe a purple bag) and fill it with purple items like: scarf, nail polish, eye shades, lip gloss, scented candle, socks, sexy underwear, iPhone case, keychain, earrings, macaroons, chocolate hearts / M&ms or any other chocolate with a purple wrapping, nightshirt, flip flops and/or whatever she might like…

Hoped you (and your friend) will love one of these birthday gift ideas for her.

Good Luck and Happy Birthday to your friend!


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