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One's Birthday is that one special day in the year that is all about him. Birthday gift basket is a wonderful way to put him in the spotlight and to make it all about him – his dreams, his hobbies, his desires…

You can give him one gift for every year of his age. The gifts should be with some meaning to the recipient or of some use to him.

Attach a note to each gift item.

  • Write something personal like how much you appreciate and care for him, what you wish for him, what you love about him…
  • Explain the meaning of the gift item.
  • Or both.

Add another special gift for next year.

Here are some ideas:
  • A meaningful photo of the recipient (maybe with you – sharing a special moment).
  • An accessory to one of his hobbies or collections.
  • Favorite candy/cookies.
  • His favorite song (on CD or on an mp3 player).
  • His favorite movie.
  • List of things to do before he turns X (30, 40, 50…).

The challenge becomes bigger as the recipient is older.

Birthday Gift Basket

Another idea is to make his age as the theme. Let's say he is about to turn 30. Put 30 items of every gift item you choose.

A personal note attached to every gift item can make your gift basket much more personal and intimate.

Here are some suggestions:

  • 30 Hershey's kisses – "For you to find your true love this year"
  • Piggy bank with 30 1$ bills inside – "Start a saving account for that dreamy vacation you always talk about"
  • 30 Chocolate coins – "For that financial freedom you dream about"
  • 30 Photos of the recipient – these can be of special moments, with special people in his life (family, friends and childhood friends) or one photo from each/every year (maybe from every birthday) – You can write on your note – memories… or – For more special moments like these…
  • CD collection of his 30 favorite songs
  • 30 Personal birthday greetings from you or from his family and friends
  • 30 Flowers
  • List of 30 things to do before you turn 40
  • 30 Birthday candles – "A wish for every year" (and another for next year…)

The success of these birthday gift baskets depends on the selection of the gift items and their meaning to the recipient. If you don't know him well enough use another gift idea…

Birthday Gift Basket

You can make your gift basket all about the birthday party. Put in it:

  • Birthday candles
  • Balloons
  • Birthday cake
  • Birthday hats
  • Cookies and snacks
  • Champagne bottle
  • Party music
  • Decorated paper plates, cups and cutlery

Surprise him and arrive to his place with a small group of close friends and/or family and throw him a spontaneous birthday party he will never forget.

And a personal gift with a greeting card.

You can prepare some fun party games to get everybody into the party mood.

Birthday Gift Basket

Possible containers:

  • Treasure box
  • Big colorful hat
  • Pack each gift item separately and put it in a large fabric bag – Close it with a big ribbon.
  • Put all the gift items in 3-5 gift boxes and build a tower of gifts.

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