What Do I Do? My Mom's Bday Is In Two Days and I'm Looking for Last Minute Birthday Gift for Her

by Kristin
(Bristol, UK)

My mom's birthday is in 2 days, but I haven't done anything for her birthday. I can't get to the shops on my own in that time. Should I just make a card or something?

Hi Kristin,

Happy birthday to your mom.

You can surprise her and clean the house – I mean really clean it. You can ask your siblings to help. Bake a birthday cake and pay for flower delivery. I'm sure that when your mom will return from work and find the house clean, flowers, birthday cake, balloons and a card from you she will be the happiest person on earth…

Another last minute birthday gift that will keep giving all year long is mother-daughter club of the month. Plan 12 dates for you and your mom – one for each month (it can be you 2 going to the movies, going out for dinner, going to the mall to have makeover…). The idea is that you will spend some quality time together. Write each date plan on a nice paper and put it in a sealed envelope. At the beginning of each month set the date for your date and…enjoy!

If you have a portrait photo frame you can use you can easily make her a dry erase monthly planner where she can plan her (and the entire family's) schedule.

If you decide, eventually, to go on the card – make her a card that is also a homemade scratch off lottery card. Write your wishes and then make three scratch-able prizes that involve you giving her your time – like "breakfast in the bed", "baby sitting your little siblings so she can have the afternoon to herself" or "doing the laundry for a week/day"…

Hope you'll find one of my ideas useful…


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I Need Last Minute Birthday Gift for My Best Friend, Any Ideas?

by Hana
(Melbourne, Australia)

I'm having a surprise birthday party for my best friend and I forgot to get her a present. I can't run to the store 'cause I have lots of things to do for the party and so I'm limited to items and time. Any ideas? Please help! Thanks.

Hi Hana,

You are such a good friend – throwing a surprise party for your friend is anything but obvious…

Why not make her a souvenir from the party?

Ask one of your friends to buy a nice album or a notebook for you. During the party ask her friends to write her some wishes in the notebook and leave some space for you to add their photo. You will be taking a photo of them enjoying the party of course (preferably with the birthday girl). Print the photos on a photo printing paper and attach each photo besides the person's "happy birthday" wishes. I did something similar to a friend of mine on her bachelorette party and she loved it…

You can, of course, apologize to her and tell her you were busy arranging the party and didn't have time to get her anything. After you threw such a great surprise party in her honor I'm sure she would understand.

Good Luck with the party,


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What's a Good Last Minute Birthday Gift for My Dad?

by David
(Florida, USA)

My dad's birthday is tomorrow, but I didn't get him anything and the mall is closed. So I need ideas on a gift I can do from home quickly. Thanks!

Hi David,

You didn't give me very much information about your dad or about your budget –I'll try to help and I hope you'll find my last minute birthday gift ideas helpful…

You can give him a gift of your knowledge. Make him a nice card with your heartfelt wishes and add a voucher for 1 or 2 lessons – you can teach him how to use the computer, how to use facebook or tweeter or how to download music or movies. I know that my dad would really appreciate this gift. He uses the computer but needs help on basic things every now and then…

If he is one of these people that have everything you can get him a scratch off lottery ticket and a few chocolate coins and add a card the wish him lots of luck and success (among other things of course). If you have some budget you can give him a yearly lottery subscription.

If you have a photo frame you can use – find a nice photo of the two of you, add something like "The best dad in the world" or "for many more memories"... and voila – you're done.

If you have a credit card you can use you can give him some audio books (you don't need to leave your house to get it and you get the file/gift card immediately). They make a perfect gift because your dad can listen to them while at the gym or running or while driving in his car. If you don't have specific books in your mind you can go for the best sellers or buy him a gift certificate that gives him credits.

Good Luck and Happy Birthday for your dad.


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Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas for My Guy Friend

by Diana

My friend has his birthday coming up. He is turning 17 and he isn't having a party. I wasn't going to get him anything because I don't have money, but I would still like to do something nice for him. What are some last minute birthday gift ideas that I could make at home?

He loves photography and making videos and he is really into music. Ideas?

Hi Diana,

You can bake a delicious and good looking birthday cake and bring it to school on his birthday. Decorate his desk with balloons and put the birthday cake on it. Bring some candles and throw him a little party…They say it is the thought that counts, isn't it? :0)

You can make him a video greeting and send it to his smart phone. Or you can make a list of his favorite artists, burn these pieces on a disk, and paste a special dedication on its surface.

Hope I helped,


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Any Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girl I Don't Know Very Well?

by Karen
(Rotorua, New Zealand)

I just got invited to a birthday party that is tomorrow. It's her 20th birthday and I don't really know her very well. We're working together, and she kind of invited all of the people she works with. Maybe I could give her some money? Any ideas?

Hi Karen,

I would recommend that you give her a gift card instead of money. It is a little bit more personal and it makes a great last minute birthday gift. Here are some ideas for the gift cards –

Manicure and pedicure
Massage gift certificate
Breakfast for 2

You should check this site out - www.giftcardstorybooks.com. It offers a cute way to present gift card presents using a short story book.

If she is one of these girls who does her nails on her own you can make her nails gift basket – get nail polish in some shades, stickers, nail polish remover, French nail kit, nail file… Put it in a nice box or a toiletry bag and that's it.

Good Luck


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