Any Graduation Gift Basket Making Ideas?

by Julie
(Massachusetts, USA)

My nephew is graduating from college and going away to the real world. I am looking to make him a practical gift basket. Any ideas?

Hi Julia,

Graduating from college is quite a milestone in one's life…

I have 2 practical gift basket making ideas for him:

Job Search Gift Basket – One of the significant tasks a collage graduate is facing is finding a job. Put together a gift basket with things that will help him find his first "grown up" job. Here are some ideas – A subscription to a job search website, a good book about Job Hunting , business cards with his details and a business card holder, a gift card to a professional resume writing service, new tie or a gift card to buy new outfit, breath mints for his next interview, nice ink pen. You can use a little business briefcase as the container.

New Career Gift Basket – Your nephew has a new profession and is about to start a new career. Give him a gift basket with things that will help him get established. Get items that are related to his new profession and that he can use in his new job. It's a bit hard for me to give you some ideas because you didn't include his major and/or new profession in your question… Add a bottle of champagne for him to make a toast once his new job is found.

Good luck and congratulation for your nephew on his graduation.


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I'm Looking for Gift Basket Making Ideas for My Cousin Engagement Party.

by Sheila
(Port Douglas, Australia)

I want to make a gift basket for my cousin's engagement party. I need a little help – 'cause I don't know what to get her. Thanks!

Hi Sheila,

Engagement parties are not gift giving occasions. So if you decide to give your cousin a present do it before or after the party.

Here are 2 gift basket making ideas that would make a great gift for your cousin's engagement party:

A Bride to Be gift basket - Planning a wedding is a big project. Make your gift basket all about planning the wedding – include: appointment calendar, a list of all recommended wedding suppliers in your area (DJ's, photographers, floweriest, wedding planners, wedding dress designers…), a disc with suggestions for wedding entrance songs and first slow dance songs, an Excel budget planning worksheet, a camera to document the preparations, a check list of things she needs to do for the wedding, ideas and written materials for her honeymoon…

Another great idea would be a Bridal Emergency Kit. Get a plastic tool box or an empty first aid box and fill it with things the bride might need on her wedding day – safety pins, little sewing kit, wipes, hand cream, lip gloss, candy bar, aspirin, Band-Aids, a pen and some papers, 20$ bill, stain remover wipes, nail file and nail polish, 3 second glue and anything else you think she might need. This kit can be a life saver on her wedding day! After the wedding she can put it in her car and use it whenever she have unexpected "accidents".

Hope you liked these gift basket making ideas.


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I Need Some Awesome Gift Basket Making Ideas for My Friend's Birthday. Please Help!

by Jill

My Friend is Turning 31 in 2 weeks. He is a male and I've known him for years. This year I thought of making a birthday gift basket with random stuff in it. I have some ideas but I need your help!! I really appreciate it!

Hi Jill,

Here are some gift basket making ideas for your friend's birthday:

Make him "I Wish You" gift basket. Put Items that symbolizes things you wish for your friend. Here are some ideas:

  • Chocolate coins for wealth.

  • Scratch off lottery card for luck.

  • Hershey's kisses or a subscription to a dating website (if he's single) for love.

  • Chocolate syringe for health.

  • An inspirational book like "The Secret" or "The monk who sold his Ferrari" for inspiration.

  • A nice planter for growth.

  • Gift card to the coffee shop or energy bar for energy.

  • Keychain for new doors that will open for him this year.

Or you can make him a 31 gift basket – get him things he love but put 31 of each item. You can put 31 of his favorite snack, 31 of his favorite songs, 31 photos of him and you, gift card for 31 cups of coffee, 31 greeting cards from his friends and family, 31 of his favorite movies, spa gift certificate for 31 minutes massage…

If you need some more gift basket making ideas please contact me. Happy birthday to your friend.


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Unique Baby Shower Gift Basket Making Ideas for My Friend

by Diane

I'm making my friend a gift basket for her baby shower. She's a first time mom. I really want to make this fun and practical for her! I'm a mother myself and have put all the stuff I think she will need, but I need some more ideas...any help would be great! Thanks!

Hi Diane,

What a cool friend you are!

Here are ideas for what to put in your baby shower gift basket:

  • Baby massage book or DVD and a bottle of baby oil – This will give your friend some special time with her baby that involves touch and love.

  • Relaxing baby music CD with lullabies

  • Cool Personalized Pacifiers

  • If you know how she's going to call her baby you can get her a towel, socks and clothes with the baby's name on it.

  • Baby Casting Kit – she can create a 3D replica of the baby's hands, feet and/or bottom. This will make a great keepsake. Mommies love that stuff!

  • Mommy Brag book where she can put photos of her baby growing up and doing things for the first time.

  • Gift card for the baby's first professional photos.

  • Gift cards for take a way – new mom and dad will need them!

  • Homemade gift certificates for free babysitting services.

Have you got a container for your basket? Baby's bath tub can make an excellent container.

Hope I was Helpful…


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