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We have to admit that Valentines Day has become too commercialized in that everybody wants to give expensive gifts and perform grand romantic gestures. This should not be, thanks to personalized Valentines Day gifts!

It’s always the thought that counts and romantic personalized gifts express more thoughts of love, of affection and of romance than any expensive gift and grand romantic gesture can. You must admit, too, that these inexpensive romantic gifts will not empty your wallets to the point of bankruptcy. Just choose 3-4 of these ideas and you are set for a memorable Valentines Day.

  • One of the best romantic presents that expresses your feelings as eloquently as any poem written by Lord Byron are love notes. Cut out hearts in various sizes from red and pink construction paper. On each heart, write "reasons why I love you", your best memories of your time together, and your personalized "I love you quotes". Hide these romantic personalized gifts in various places preferably where your partner will find them or where your sweetheart will be surprised to find them.

  • Yet another of the easy-to-do and yet packed-to-the-punch personalized Valentines Day gifts is making a compilation CD. Collect your sweetheart’s favorite love songs into a personalized CD. Complete it with his-and-hers photo and a love quote on the cover. You can even add an introduction to the CD. This is certainly one of the inexpensive romantic gifts that anybody can do.

  • Personalized Valentines Day Gifts - Flowers

  • Flowers can also become romantic personalized gifts when done the right way. Attach your love note, your saucy picture or your naughty fantasy to the bouquet and, in so doing, brighten your sweetheart day. Yes, men like flowers and chocolates, too.

  • It may seem like a cliché but dedicating a song on the radio, greeting your sweetheart on a large-screen television during half-time, or hiring a singing telegram are all personalized Valentines Day gifts, not to mention inexpensive romantic gifts as well. It’s a breath of fresh air.

  • Along with the flowers, you can add a box of his favorite chocolates. Making it into a personalized Valentines Day gifts is easy – carefully unwrap the individual wrapping, insert a small love note and then re-wrap the chocolate. Indeed, sweet chocolates can become inexpensive romantic gifts that appeal to her equally sweet love.

  •  Inexpensive Romantic Gifts - Naughty Text Messages

  • Surprise your lover with sexy, sassy and naughty text messages and e-mails, even voice messages. Your messages can give a hint of your romantic plans for later in the day, which can include one of your romantic personalized gifts like the ones mentioned above.

  • One of your plans may include surprising your loved one with a visit in his/her workplace and then for an impromptu lunch together. To make your lunchtime date the best in romantic personalized gifts, you can bring his/her favorite food and go on a picnic. You will soon realize that picnics are inexpensive romantic gifts that nourish the body as much as these nourish the soul of your loved one and your love for each other.

  • Romantic Personalized Gifts - Picnic

  • Another romantic gesture would be bringing breakfast-in-bed to your lover to start Valentines’ morning on the right foot. To make it one of the sexiest personalized Valentines Day gifts, wear your skimpiest bikini or a nice little apron.

  • Your walls and ceiling can be used to express your love, too. Use glow in the dark stars and Spell out your feelings on these surfaces and let your partner enjoy the view when you go to sleep (on Valentine's night and on every other night). This is certainly one of the fun, romantic personalized gifts that say “Our love is written in the stars”. Add in the fact that this is one of the most affordable and doable inexpensive romantic presents and you will get right to it.

  • Your spouse may be stressed out about cleaning the house. Well, there’s a great idea for personalized Valentines Day gifts – surprise her and clean the house yourself or hire someone to do it for you. The look on her face when she'll open the door and see the house all clean and tidy will be worth it!!! Your wife will be happy and relaxed – looking forward for the rest of your Valentines plans…

  • In the morning, leave a naughty message on the bathroom mirror implying your plans for tonight... Use your lipstick for writing and then add an imprint of your lips...

  • Personalized Valentines Day Gifts - Hot Bath With Perfumed Salts

  • At night, you can start the fulfillment of the above-mentioned romantic personalized gifts, as promised. Before he arrives home, wear your sexiest lingerie, fill the hot bath with perfumed salts and prepare the wine-and-chocolate bucket. When he arrives home, you will be the dessert and the nightcap to his day; these are absolutely delightful and yet inexpensive romantic gifts.

  • Other personalized Valentines Day gifts that you can do right in the comfort of your own home are:
    • Massage your partner from his foot until his head. Be sure to do it in a slow, seductive manner that will get his mojo on hyper-drive.

    • Perform an erotic dance, say, a lap dance, a belly dance or a strip tease. You will find that the best romantic personalized gifts are often those that involve your body and your mind.

    • Perform a sexy song-and-dance routine.

    • Wake your sweetheart really early and take him/her to see the sunrise. Take a worm blanket and a thermos of hot coffee. You can sit on your porch, the roof or on the beach…

    • Decorate your partner's car with heart shaped balloons and a big note saying "I love you". Leave his/her favorite lunch on the passenger car sit.

  • Inexpensive Romantic Gifts - Heart Shaped Balloons

When it comes to the most memorable in personalized Valentines Day gifts, you only need your imagination, your love and your body to get things going in the direction you want. Set aside your money in the bank and go for these inexpensive romantic gifts, instead.

These ideas are great for Valentine's Day. Using one of them every now and then can make wonders to your relationship. Keep the romance in your life and use these gestures to keep the flame burning in your hearts…

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