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We all know the kind, generous good hearted 7 dwarves from the story of Snow White. Most of us associate dwarves to good miraculous things that happen overnight…

This is the spirit behind the 7 Dwarves Week (also known as Elf week).

The 7 Dwarves week is a lovely game of gift giving. You can play it with your family, colleagues, class mates or community members.

The idea is simple – You assign each player (the "dwarf") a name of another player (the "dwarfed"). The name should be kept a secret.

During the following week the "dwarf", secretly, surprises his "dwarfed" with small gifts and gestures such as:

  • Cleaning the "dwarfed" room
  • Put delicious cake in his fridge
  • Wash his car
  • Surprise him with gourmet lunch box on his desk just before lunch break
  • Decorate his locker
  • Early in the morning put some fresh hot rolls on his doorstep, ring the bell and disappear

Seven Dwarves

Two important things:

  • The "dwarf" should give his "dwarfed" at least one gift per day.
  • The "dwarf" can ask others to help him but they should keep his identity as a secret.

It is fun!!! Everybody gets to give and receive gifts all week long…

At the end of the week you throw a "revealing" party. If you play this around a holiday you can plan the holiday party as the last day of the game.

Each player brings a "Thank-You" gift to his "dwarf". Each "dwarfed" guesses who was his "dwarf" and gives him the gift.

You can play this game around a holiday to welcome the holiday spirit, or just before Mother's day / Father's day to strengthen the family ties.

Seven Dwarves

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