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Everybody have their own perfect vacation dream. Some are already planning it and some are still dreaming… This is a wonderful gift in both cases.

If your recipient belongs to the "planning" group your gift basket will help him get to know the vacation location and its traditions.

If he is still dreaming – maybe your gift basket will help him make his dream vacation come true.

Vacation Gift Basket

Make your gift basket all about the vacation:

  • Buy a tourist guide book about the destination your recipient is heading to (or dreaming about) for his vacation.
  • The National flag
  • Language learning book (or mp3 audio files) and a conversation dictionary
  • Traditional wear
  • Traditional food – add some food items and a traditional cook book
  • Research the internet for special photos of the vacation destination, national holidays, special traditions, places to visit… Get a scrapbook album and attach all the materials in it. Make it big enough for your recipient to complete it with his vacation photos, souvenirs and experiences.
  • Get him/her a disposable camera to document his preparations and the vacation, or to document his dream vacation coming true.
  • Add a journal for him/her to document the vacation (or to describe its dream vacation in full details).
  • You can add a little shower bag with travel size shampoo, conditioner and soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving cream and a little first aid kit (these items are always useful).
  • Add tickets / hotel vouchers / car rental gift certificate (according to your financial ability) or a piggy bank with a few dollar bills to start a saving account for the vacation.

Vacation Gift Basket

Possible Containers

  • Gift box in the colors of the national flag
  • Gift box with the national flag on it (or many little flags)
  • Traditional hats (tarbush, Vietnamese hat, cowboy hat…)

Possible Fillers

  • Paper shredded in the national flag colors
  • Miniature traditional figures
  • Individually wrapped chocolates / snacks from the vacation's country

Vacation Gift Basket

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