2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for My Boyfriend

by Anonymous

Me and my boyfriend are celebrating our 2 year anniversary. We're both in high school. I'm looking for some gift ideas – nothing too dramatic or cheesy. I prefer something not very expensive that I can put together at home. Thanks.


You didn't give me much information about your boyfriend so I really hope you will like one of these 2nd anniversary gift ideas:

Year of Dates – Plan 12 dates you know your boyfriend will love – one for each month – the first on your anniversary day. Write each date plan on a nice piece of paper, put it in an envelope, close it and write the date of the date (or the month it is planned to). This gift is a gift that keeps giving and will give your boyfriend something to look for every month.

By The Hour – Make your boyfriend the happiest guy and give him one gift every hour. Get a number of gifts, wrap each one of them and write the hour it should be opened in. These gifts can vary from his favorite snack or a disk with his favorite music to tickets to some sports event or a rock concert. Since it's your 2 year anniversary you can write the hour + 2 minutes (08:02, 09:02…).
You can give him all the gifts together and tell him to open each by the hour, bring each gift yourself or ask different friend to give him each gift at the designated hour.

Our Love Story – Take all the love notes, letters, text messages, emails, chats and photos that you have from your first date until today. Arrange them in chronological order and put them in a scrapbook. I know it is a gift I would really appreciate…

Recreate Your First Date – Try to take care of all the little details – where you set in the restaurant, where was your first kiss… You can arrange the date as a scavenger hunt and go through significant stations in your relationship.

One for Each Day – This is one of my favorites. Buy 7 underwear and some iron-on-heat transfer papers. You can print on the iron-on-heat transfer paper whatever you feel like – photos of you making naughty faces, funny sayings, photos of things he likes… Place each print on the underwear and iron it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Super easy to make and the result is super cute :0)

The Five Senses Gift – This is a series of gifts – each one symbolizes one of the human senses (smell, sight, touch, hear and taste). You can easily adjust it to your boyfriend's personality and to your budget.

I hope you liked one of these 2nd anniversary gift ideas. For many more happy anniversaries and good luck!!!


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