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The five senses gift is one of the most charming gift concepts I know.

The idea is simple – For each sense you choose a gift that symbolizes it.

  • It is fun and easy to implement.
  • It can be personalized easily.
  • You can use it for every occasion.
  • It can be done on almost any budget.

You can also play with the presentation:

  • You can give the 5 senses gifts as one gift package at the party.
  • Build an unforgettable night (or a whole day) around it.
  • Or make the whole week about your loved one and devote a day for each sense/gift.

No matter what you choose, I'm sure that your recipient will never forget your five senses gift.

Here are some gift ideas for each sense:


  • A meal – it can be a meal out in a restaurant, one that you and/or your kids cook at home, or you can invite a chef to cook a meal at your kitchen
  • Chocolate gift basket, Chocolate truffles or any other form of chocolate
  • Chocolate making workshop or a cookery course
  • Wine tasting experience day
  • A bottle of wine or champagne and 2 flutes
  • Go on a romantic picnic or a family picnic
  • Play a game – cover the recipient's eyes, let him taste different kinds of food and guess what he ate
  • Make or buy herbs and spices gift basket
  • Arrange some seedlings and plants of herbs, spices and tea for setting up a garden

Five senses - taste


  • Scented candles
  • Flower bouquet, a single rose or flowers in any form
  • Massage oils
  • Aromatherapy course
  • A variety of incenses(burning sticks)
  • Fragrance gift basket (soaps, oils, candles, lotions...)
  • Perfume or aftershave
  • Home or car air freshener
  • Scent sticks
  • Bath salts and oils
  • Reed Diffusers (a container that holds highly concentrated fragrant oil)

Five senses - smell


  • Watch a movie – at home, in the cinema (maybe in a private theater) or at the drive-in.
  • Buy a book
  • Make a personalized book or album about the recipient's life and/or the occasion
  • Buy a Magazine Subscription for one of the recipient's favorite magazines or areas of interest.
  • Make a home video or a power point presentation about the recipient and/or the occasion and watch it together
  • See a play at the theater
  • Burn or buy a DVD of the last season of his/her favorite series – preferably one that hasn't been broadcasted at your country yet.
  • Tickets to a rock concert of his/her favorite artist or a classical music concert
  • Tickets to a sport event – basketball, football, soccer or any other…
  • Surprise your spouse with a private erotic dance or striptease

five senses - sight


  • Pamper your loved one with a delightful spa treatment – a full body massage, facial, shiatsu, reflexology or any other indulging treatment
  • Give the new parents a baby massage class
  • Give the newlywed a private couple massage class
  • Give your spouse (and yourself) feathers, handcuffs or a blindfold for mutual stimulation
  • A dog, a cat or a hamster can be a wonderful gift for your child
  • Invite your spouse to a slow dance or take dance lessons together
  • Go horse-riding
  • Sculpting class (body sculpting and work out or sculpting with clay)

Five senses - touch


  • Burn a CD of the recipient's favorite songs or Buy him/her an mp3 player and load his/her favorite songs
  • Credits to download audio books
  • Tickets to a rock concert of his/her favorite artist or a classical music concert
  • Musical instrument lessons of his/her choice
  • Write and record a special song for your loved one or play it live
  • If your recipient is an amateur singer arrange him a professional recording studio that will record one of his songs
  • Record your child's favorite bedtime story
  • Record personal greetings from the recipient's family, friends and colleagues and give it to him as an unforgettable souvenir
  • A series of recorded lectures on one of the recipient's areas of interest
  • Leave a personal greeting on the recipient's voice mail
  • Dedicate a song to the recipient – on one of the radio shows (and make sure he hears it live) or directly to his cell phone

Five senses - Hearing

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