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Your father has just retired - Are you looking for retirement gift ideas to celebrate the occasion? Your grandma is about to retire - Do you want to surprise her with an unusual gift?

Our five senses gift concept might be the perfect gift idea for you.

After all these years of hard work retired people are finally free…

They have all this free time in their hands, but they don't always know what to do with it.

Here are some 5 senses retirement gift ideas to help them 'adjust' to their new reality:

First idea

Taste – Give him/her several brunch gift certificates (for one or many restaurants).

Smell – Send the recipient to aromatherapy training course.

Sight – Buy Theater season tickets.

Touch – Give him/her a series of alternative treatments (shiatsu, reflexology, massage…).

Hearing – Buy concert season tickets.

This gift is rather expensive. You can reduce the costs significantly by making each gift a one time gift (instead of seasonal…).

Retirement gift ideas

Second ideas

Taste – Collect recipes of your recipient's favorite food (desserts, breads, soups, salads…) and make a recipe book out of it. You can decorate it and add some pictures. Select the recipe you think your recipient will love the most, print it on a Bristol paper. Buy the ingredients and wrap them with the printed recipe and with the recipe book.

Smell – Buy seeds, plants and basic gardening tools for your recipient to set up a fragrant garden.

Sight – Download and print a variety of crossword puzzles and sudoku. Wrap them nicely.

Touch – They say that dogs are man's best friends… Give your recipient a chance to check this saying with a little puppy present. You can tie a gift ribbon around the puppy's neck.

Hearing – Your recipient probably has some areas of interest that are close to his heart. Expand his horizons by giving him recorded audio lectures on one of these areas (on CD or on an mp3 player).

Retirement gift ideas

Third idea

Taste – Your recipient loves to cook or bake? Enrich his experience with new equipment and knowledge. You can buy new silicone baking dishes, professional cooking / baking book, a workshop or a new mixer.

Smell – Buy or make fragrance gift basket. You can use fragrance oils, oil warmer, bath salts and soaps, candles, lotions…

Sight – Subscribe your recipient to the nearest books library.

Touch – Send the recipient and his spouse to a couple's massage class or give them a book / DVD for learning how to massage each other.

Hearing – Make a collection of his favorite classical music pieces and burn them on CD.

retirement gift ideas

Most of us don't like to go out alone, so when the gift involves a show, concert or a meal make the gift certificate for 2.

If the gift exceeds your budget limits you can replace the subscription to 2 tickets for a show/concert or make it a gift from the whole family.

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