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I love to make photo books as gifts. They are fun to make and they are inexpensive. I get to be creative and enjoy while making them and my recipients receive a wonderful gift. It is a win-win :-).

You can create one book, make copies and give it to any number of recipients instead of buying a different gift for every recipient.

You can use photo book albums as presents for any occasion you choose and address each occasion from different angles. The possibilities are endless!

Make Your Own Photo Book Gift Ideas

  1. Happy Birthday Album

    • Ask close friends and family to send you their photos alone or with the recipient (better) and to wish a happy birthday to the birthday boy/girl. Create a photo book of heartwarming happy birthday wishes your recipient will love.

    • Make a photo book about the birthday boy Bdays. Look for pictures from his birthday parties. Begin with the first birthday and add a page for every year in chronological order. For each birthday write a short funny story or an important event that happened to the recipient that year.

    • Sexy happy birthday – Create a photo book for your sweetheart using sexy seductive pictures of you. Add sexy happy birthday wishes. You can take photos of yourself (with the help of a friend of course) in a sexy hot outfit and a birthday cake. In each photo you light another candle…

  2. Photo Book Album

  3. Mother's Day Photo Book

    If you are looking for special mothers day gifts photo book album is your gift.
    • Make a photo book of her biggest accomplishment – her family. Begin from the days she met dad. Go through every major mile stone – pregnancies and births, every child becoming a grownup – getting married – having her grandchildren, houses she lived in… I'm sure it will be one of the best gifts she ever got.

    • Most moms have this old, over used notebook where they keep their favorite recipes. Create photo book album cookbook out of these recipes. Use family pictures that relate to cooking, photos of your mother cooking and other family photos. If a recipe has an interesting story behind it – add it too.

    • Some parents keep a notebook with funny sayings of their children. If you are one of those parents you can make the best photo book gift for your wife. Make a photo book of your child photos and weave the funny sayings throughout the book.

  4. Retirement Photo Album

    Make a photo book about the recipient's career. Document her career development – her college days through the different work places. Ask co-workers to share stories about the recipient, add diplomas, letters of appreciation and other significant documents. Ask family and close friends to add some personal words to the recipient who is about to start a new phase in her life.

  5. Story Photo Book For Your Child

    One of the most creative Christmas presents you can give your child is a story book with your family members as its heroes.

    • Make your own photo book telling how mommy met daddy. Write a short story and tell your child how he came to this world. Let him know how proud you were the day he was born and how much joy and happiness he brought to your life.

    • Children love to hear stories about themselves. Create a photo book album telling his short biography from the day you conceived him until today. I'm sure this is a book he will love to brag about to his friends.

    • You can write your own story and make your child its hero or just write her an original bed time story.

There's no limit for what you can do with these photo albums. Be creative - Choose a theme and get to work - Design and create your own photo books!

Photo Book Software

There are many Photo Book softwares online. In most of them you download free software to your computer, create your book and use their digital photo book printing service.

Some of them offer discount coupons every now and then for their registered users. In some cases, if you print more copies you can get volume discount and/or get a discount on the shipping costs.

Working with the software is usually very simple and intuitive. It has all kinds of templates, backgrounds and themes built in. You simply drag and drop the different objects.

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