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I'm sure that behind every bad Christmas present there is a good intention, but somewhere along the way something went wrong…

  • Maybe the gift giver made a bad choice.
  • Maybe your expectations led for your disappointment.
  • Maybe the gift giver meant to give you something helpful and you gave it a wrong interpretation and got offended.

No matter what was the reason - you didn't forget this gift.

It's time to tell your story. Come on – we're waiting :0)

You can read other visitors worst Christmas present stories and tell your story afterwards…

What Was The Worst Christmas Gift You Ever Got?

Gifts are always welcome, but I'm sure there is one particular Christmas present that you can't forget.

It's not because it was the ONE gift you wished for; It's not because it was something you desperately needed but couldn't afford and it's not because it was the most practical gift...

It's because it was the worst Christmas gift ever!!!

Well, this is THE place to share your story!!!

Tell us:
What was the gift?
Who gave it to you?
What made it "earn" the title of the worst gift ever?
How did you feel about it?
What did you do with it?

And yes - if you have a photo of it please send it to us so we can add it to your story...

What Other Visitors Have Said

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I know without a doubt what the worst thing for Christmas I ever received was. It was totally adorable, the most darling thing in the world, big blue …

The Worst Christmas Gift Ever: 15 Years Later and I Still Don't Understand Not rated yet
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I have a very bad sense of direction . Before the invention of personal GPS systems I used to get lost often both on foot and while driving. I am …

My Worst Christmas Gift - The Pink Sweater Not rated yet
When I was younger, my parents would always ask my sister and I to write a list of the things that we would like for Christmas . Normally they would …

Sometimes the Worst Christmas Gifts Can Turn into the Best Not rated yet
When I was a young woman, I was working at a restaurant as a waitress. The work was hard, the restaurant busy and fast paced, and the shifts tiring. …

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