How A Tiny Little Christmas Party Became a Fashion Nightmare

by Ryan
(Toronto - Canada)

A few years ago, some of my closest friends and I decided to throw a little Christmas party. We're all huge ambassadors of the holiday spirit, so we figured a party of sorts would be the best way to kick off the holiday season. However, instead of doing a secret Santa, we decided that everyone would just buy gifts for everybody, which was obviously more expensive, but an excellent way to show everyone else exactly how much you care about them.

The week or so leading up to the party, Megan, the girl I had been seeing at the time, kept dropping me hints about this amazing gift she bought for me. Judging by her facial expressions and tone when she talked about the gift, it seemed to me like she thought she had found the best gift ever, which in turn made me quite excited to receive.

Being the good "boyfriend" that I believe myself to be, I repeatedly told her she didn't need to be spending her money on me, but deep down I actually couldn't wait for the party to roll around.

Fast forward a week later, and it was finally time for the party. Megan and I drove together, our gifts for each other and everyone else in hand, and it wasn't long after arriving when it was time to exchange them.

Megan and I decided to save our gifts for each other until the end, and she insisted that I open hers first. The look on her face was pure joy and excitement, so I ripped paper off the present in a heartbeat, and I literally could not believe my eyes.

On my lap sat what is without question the ugliest piece of clothing I have ever seen. A sweater so hideous I am struggling to find the proper insults to describe it.

When I opened it, she grabbed my hand and said "I knew you'd love it," and not a single word came out of my mouth in response. How anyone could have believed this sweater to be something you should put on your body, let alone something you should spend your hard-earned money on, is absolutely beyond me, but I simply didn't have the heart to tell her.

I looked up at her, smiled and told her I loved it, and gave her a huge kiss. A little tear ran down her cheek, a symbol of happiness I'm not entirely sure was a result of us being together or her seemingly buying the perfect Christmas gift.

Fast forward to this day a few years later, and the sweater still sits in my closet where it belongs, buried under heaps and heaps of dirty laundry. Never shall the fashion nightmare rear its ugly head again.

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