Be Mine?

by James
(Toronto, Ontario)

In my first year of college, I was often in search of romance, or simply romantic encounters, much like many of my fellow students. But more than physical encounters, I was in search of a female companion that I could spend my free time with, and someone I could share special moments with. It's never easy to find a significant other no matter where you are in life, but I found it especially difficult in college.

Perhaps this is why when Valentine's Day rolled around that year, I was not looking forward to spending another mushy holiday alone. However, much to my surprise, when I showed up to one of my classes that day, there was a note on the table that I always sat at with my name on it. I opened it, and all it said was ""Be Mine?"" with a little red heart next to it. I was about to put it in my pocket and forget about it when I noticed a small note on the back that said "Room 445", Building "C". A little surprised, I told myself I would make a point to go there after class and find out what this was all about.

After class, I headed up to room 445 in residence building C, and a girl I had seen around campus answered the door. I asked her if it was her who sent the note, and she said it was. We got to talking, and she told me she had noticed me around campus, and a friend of hers in my morning class delivered the note for her. We hit it off almost immediately, and before I left for my next class, she asked if I'd like to come back later that night for dinner together.

Later that night, I showed up at her door again at the time she had instructed, and I was instantly taken aback. There were two plates of pasta set out on her kitchen table, the lights had been dimmed, there was a box of chocolates waiting for me next to my plate, and she had lit candles all around her dorm. Never have I fallen for someone so quickly, nor have I ever been so amazed at the thought someone had put into connecting with something that was essentially a complete stranger.

We had a fantastic dinner together, learned a lot more about each other, and shared plenty of laughs that night, and I can truthfully say that was hands down the best valentine gift I have ever received.

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Be Mine?
by: Hedva

Thanks for sharing James!

I'm curious... What happened after this romantic dinner? Did she became your girlfriend? :0)

Well, if you're in college or have someone you really like in your work place use Valentine's Day to make your first move.

Use James' story and give him/her the best Valentine gift ever - an unforgettable Valentines date and maybe a partner for life...

Happy Valentines!

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