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We all want to feel loved and wanted – Especially by our sweetheart. That's why they invented Valentine's Day, isn't it?

Yes. I know. Not everyone is born with romantic aptitude, but that is not an excuse. One of the most common clichés is that "it is the thought that counts". If you aren't one of these lucky people with romantic aptitude it is time to put some serious thought into finding the best Valentine gift!

Well… Before you start moving your brain cells and sweat from all the thinking, let me try to help you. After all, if you are here you probably already put some effort to find unique Valentines gift for your spouse.

I've asked our visitors to share their "Best Valentine Gift I Ever Got" stories. Read their stories and get some inspiration!

If you want to share your "Best Valentine Gift" story with us you are more than welcome!

Inspire Us With Your "Best Valentine
Gift I Ever Got" Story

What was the best Valentine gift you ever got?
Share your story with the rest of us! Brag about your partner and how special he/she makes you feel!

Give us all the details:
What was the gift?
Who gave it to you?
When and how it was given?
What made it the best Valentine gift ever?

If you have a picture of the gift we want it too. Thank you!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Love In a Box 
I am now 34 years old and I have been with my partner for over 10 years. In the past I have gotten a lot of not-so-great gifts from him, for my birthday …

Book of Love 
Me and my partner knew each other from our college days. We had a good relationship about 10 years before we got married. Those college days were so …

The Sweetest Memory  
Hello guys, I am Nitin Bansal from Delhi India. I like to share with you the most memorable moment of my life. It was February 15th, 2011. Me and my …

Be Mine?  
In my first year of college, I was often in search of romance, or simply romantic encounters, much like many of my fellow students. But more than physical …

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Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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