The Sweetest Memory

by Nitin Bansal
(Delhi, India)

Hello guys,

I am Nitin Bansal from Delhi India. I like to share with you the most memorable moment of my life. It was February 15th, 2011. Me and my Girlfriend love each other very much, but my parents don’t like our relationship and they strictly told me not to see her. But… we usually meet with each other.

Last year our plan was not to meet on Valentine's Day because if we meet on February 14th then my parents would know that we saw each other. So on Valentine's Day we didn’t see each other. We just talked on the phone.

But on February 15th Rashi, my Girlfriend, asked me to come to her home. I asked if something happened. She said she wasn't feeling well and asked me to take her to see the doctor. Actually she didn't live with her parents. She is a student and she came to my city to complete her engineering degree.

When I arrived to her home, she suddenly told me to go out to her porch. It was 6 PM. When we reached the porch I was totally amazed. She arranged a wonderfully designed Center table with lots of flowers and balloons and on it was my favorite cake (which she baked herself) and some cocktails.

I asked her what are we celebrating. She responded emotionally that we couldn't celebrate on 14th and every day is a good day to celebrate our love. "This is all for you". I was so touched by her words and by the way she said them. I hugged her and we began our celebration. First we cut the cake and drank some cocktails. It was a complete surprise to me. I didn’t know she arranged all of these.

After 15 minutes she began giving me gifts. One by one she gave me gifts she heard me saying that one day I will purchase them. A pair of jeans, a wallet, a belt… All these things were stuff we saw while shopping together and I told her I want to buy them some day. I was amazed again. I didn't know how she collected so much money for all these presents.

Overall that day was the most memorable moment of my life. And it certainly was the best Valentine gift (or should I say gifts) I ever got. There is No better gift than meeting your special loved one.

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The Sweetest Memort
by: Hedva

Thank you Nitin!

You are one lucky guy!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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