Any Easy Homemade Gift Ideas?

by Kelly

Every year my family does a homemade gift swap. Most family members do really nice things like shelves, benches, quilts and knitted stuff. I feel completely lost because I don't know how to sew or knit or build things.

I am looking for easy homemade gift ideas that are simple to make and won't look cheap. My family has always put a lot of effort into making really nice homemade presents for this swap.

Any ideas that are easy to make and will still make a nice gift?

Hi Kelly,

I loved the gift swap tradition.

How are you doing in the kitchen department?

You can make delicious chocolate truffles – make 3-4 different types of truffles and put them in a nice box – you can't go wrong with that. Try this book - Truffles: 50 Deliciously Decadent Homemade Chocolate Treats (50 Series). It has lots of great truffles recipes and easy how-to instructions.

Another idea is to make a homemade family cookbook. Ask each family member for his best and most loved recipe. Then use your computer to make your family's cookbook. If you have some traditional family food/dish add it too. Use unified template for all the recipes and use photos (of the dish or of the person who contributed it). Use family photo for the cover and print the cookbook on a quality printing paper. Now all that's left to do is bind it and… voila! If you want your gift to be a real hit make copy for everyone…

Another easy to make homemade gift idea is a monthly planner. Every family needs a planner to coordinate everyone's schedule… All you need is a portrait photo frame and some nice scrapbook paper.

You can also make little magnetic spice jars your recipient can put on her refrigerator. Buy little plastic spice jars. Make nice tags with the spice's names, laminate them and put them on the top of the jar. Cut rounded pieces of magnets and glue them to the bottom of the jars. Put them in a nice box and you got yourself a beautiful and practical gift.

Good luck!


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I Need Quick and Easy Homemade Gift Ideas?

by Donna

I am making gifts for 25 people and I am looking for some cool ideas. Can U help me please?

Hi Donna,

25 Gifts… That's quite a lot… Are you planning to give a different gift for each person? If I were you I would think of making the same gift for everybody on the list. It is much easier with the materials and with the making process.

Can you sew?

You can make a Cargo Scarf. I think it's really cool – this is a scarf with pockets. Put your things in its pockets and you're ready to go out…No need to take a purse or a bag.

Another great homemade gift is a Fleece Snuggie. It's easy to make and so much fun to use in these cold days (and nights).

You can try some edible stuff –

Bake 4-5 different types of cookies and make cookie gift baskets. Divide each type into 5 and wrap it with cellophane paper. Take 5 tin boxes, put a colorful tissue paper and put one wrap from each type in it. I know I would love to get such a gift…

Or you can easily make a beautiful chocolate bouquet out of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. It looks quite impressive.

Here are 2 more cool and easy homemade gift ideas-

Use water balloons to make Tea Light Luminaries . They are really easy to make and they look lovely. You can make several luminaries at the same time (you make one while waiting for the others to get cold).

These Tea Light Lamps are so good looking and so simple to make that they make wonderful last second gifts.

Hope you liked my easy homemade gift ideas. Good Luck!!!


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Can You Help Me With Some Easy Homemade Gift Ideas for My Grandma's Birthday?

by Carolyn
(Northern Ireland)

My grandma's birthday is next week, and I already got her a nice necklace that I know she'll love.

I ALWAYS get her jewelry so I'm looking for something really special this year. She's one of these persons who hate it when someone spends money on her so I'm looking for unique yet easy homemade gift ideas. Something really creative! PLEASE HELP!!

Hi Carolyn,

You can make her an impressive birthday cake and decorate the room with lots of balloons. You can invite some close family members and throw her a little surprise party. This will make her feel like the birthday girl.

Another direction I would consider is making her some sentimental photo gifts –

You can make a beautiful family photo collage using a portrait photo frame.

Another idea is a scrapbook with family photos. Build it as a family tree. Begin with your grandma and grandpa photos and then put photos of each child, his wife and their children. I'm sure this is one she will love – all her family in one album…

Or you can make her a little brag book with photos of her wonderful "kids" and her even more wonderful grandchildren…

Can you knit? Here is a great Reader's Wrap you can knit to your grandma. This will keep her neck and shoulders warm and her hands free.

Happy Birthday to your grandma!


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