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I have collected six fun and easy inexpensive Christmas gifts to make for your family and friends. Believe me – If I can make them so can you!!! Each of them is really simple to put together. You don't need to have crafty, good hands – just a little bit technical skill and that's it. Enjoy!

Easy Inexpensive Christmas Gifts to Make

  1. Iron on transfers – If you are looking for cheap gifts for men this is it! It is simple and fun to make. Buy a t-shirt or an underwear and iron on heat transfer paper (available on every office supplies or craft store). Choose your favorite picture and / or write something cool on your computer. Print it on the iron on heat transfer paper and iron it on the t-shirt / underwear. For the best results choose a bright color for the t-shirt and dark colors for the printing. Last holiday I gave my husband 3 under wears and used iron on transfers to print sexy sayings on them. He loved it.

  2. Personalized mirrors – This is one of the easiest inexpensive Christmas gifts to make. It is a great gift for mom or dad or your teenage kids. You will need a mirror, window paints, transparency paper and a printer. Write a simple sentence on your computer. Use a relatively big and thick font. Here are some ideas:
    • The Best Mom in the world
    • You are gorgeous
    • Mirror mirror on the wall, who the fairest of them all?
    • Sexy, Hot, Gorgeous, Beautiful – Place each word in a different place on the mirror.

    Print the sentence and put it under the transparency paper. Fill the letters with the window paint. Wait for at least a night for the paint to dry. Peel the letters and put them on the mirror. Did I say simple?

  3. Personalized Mirrors

  4. Personalized Chocolates – Do you know anyone who doesn't love chocolate? That is what makes custom chocolate bars one of the best, yet inexpensive Christmas gifts to make. It is a great present to give to your co-workers, neighbors, friends or your child's teachers. Buy as many chocolate bars as you like. Take their wrappers off and leave the internal wrapping. Create a candy bar wrapper template and print it. Cut the edges according to the chocolate bar width and wrap the bar. Put a family photo in the candy bar wrapper template and write – "Happy Holidays from the Simpsons" or "Happy New Year".

  5. custom chocolate bars

  6. Homemade food Gifts – Home baked goodies are great inexpensive Christmas Gifts to make and they are always more than welcome. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candies, truffles, jams, gifts in a jar… Use your expertise and imagination to make unique food gifts. One long day in your kitchen and your holiday gifts are ready. When it comes to homemade food gifts – your cheap holiday gifts can easily look like the best gourmet food gifts. Here are some tips: Give extra attention to the look and the cutting of the cookies, candies and truffles. Remember – we eat with our eyes first! You can use cookie cutters for great looking goodies. Use cookie stamps and your cookies will look like a million dollar…
    The wrapping of your goodies can make all the difference. Use tin cans or any other good looking box to put your cookies. Put colored tissue paper in the box and place the goodies on it. If you want to go a little bit further you can use cellophane or tissue paper to wrap each cookie separately.

    You can get a beautiful template for single cookie wrapping envelope from Martha Stewart.

    You can use empty Pringles tubes to hold cookies.
    For jams and homemade gifts in a jar use private label stickers. Write "from the kitchen of…", "Happy Holidays from the…" or write the recipe if it is a simple one. You can design it in Microsoft word or excel and print it on a white sticker paper.
    If you really want to impress your recipients bake four cakes. Make sure they are all about the same height. There are many recipes that has a basic recipe and some suggestions for variations – baking four variations of the same recipe is a sure bet. Choose cakes that look impressive. Cut each cake for quarters. Place one quarter from each cake on a nice plate. Your recipients will get an impressive tasting cake made out of four different cakes. You can cut each quarter to 3 or 4 slices if you want but make sure all the slices are more or less equal.

  7. Unique Food Gifts

  8. Give a gift of your time. Homemade coupon book can be a wonderful gift for a close family member – offer your services and time as a gift. Make a coupon book out of homemade gift certificates. Offer yourself to babysit, to bake some goodies, to clean his house, to mow his lawn, to wash his car, to take his kids to school for a week… Click here for more ideas.

  9. Private Collection – This is one of the most fun inexpensive Christmas gifts to make and a great gift to receive! Make your friend (or family member) a collection of his favorites:
    • Burn a DVD with his favorite movies (for example – all James Bond's movies, Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Godfather trilogy…) or a collection of relatively new movies from his favorite genre (action, drama, chick flick, musicals, oldies…).
    • Download and burn a DVD of all the episodes of the last season of his / hers favorite series. If you really want to go that extra mile you could burn all the seasons.
    • If she is into Pilates, Yoga, aerobics (or any other fitness activity) make her a DVD with different fitness classes.
    • Make a music collection of her favorite songs or a CD with the best songs of her favorite performer.

    If you have CD label maker software you can make personalized labels for the CDs. Anyway – make a personalized package for the collection with photos relevant to the collection's theme and add some personal holiday greetings.

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