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Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Soon after putting away your New Year's noisemakers, it's time to start thinking about Cupid's arrows. While finding a Valentine's Day gift won't be a problem, finding the perfect romantic gifts for girlfriend is quite another thing. Still, you can do it!

Here are some ideas for fantastic special gifts for her, to get you started:

1. Your Song

This is definitely an oldie-but-goodie choice when searching for Valentine's Day special gifts for her. The old standby is the dedication on the radio. That's one option. Other options including sending a singing telegram, or having the song sung at a special public event. Whichever one you choose, such romantic gifts for girlfriend will certainly be music to her ears (and heart).

Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend - Song Dedication

2. Her Car

Go to her workplace with the extra set of her car keys. Take her car and give it a full beauty treatment – have it washed, waxed and vacuumed inside out. You can install one of these cool car gadgets or fix / replace some broken things. Then, return it to the same place you found it. We all know that men have a special bond with their car. So - she will definitely consider this Valentine's surprise as one of the most cute and romantic gift for girlfriend. You can leave her a cute love note and her favorite chocolates on the driver sit.

Special Gifts For Her - Special Treatment For Her Car

3. Romantic Chocolate Love Notes

What would Valentine's Day be without candy and chocolate? If your sweetheart has a sweet tooth, then this would make one of the top romantic gifts for girlfriend. Remove the chocolate bars' outside wrapper. Then use some glossy computer printing paper to create new customized wrappers. You can add witty, romantic sayings or put pictures of you and your girl. Write personal love note or a reason why you love her on the back of each bar. Now, place the personalized chocolate bars in places where she can easily find them.

4. Follow Your Love

One of the most romantic gifts for girlfriend would be a day around meaningful places you visited throughout your relationship – Places like where you first met, where your first date took place, apartments you lived in, the place where you proposed her, where you got married… Tell her you are going on a short trip but don't tell her where and why you are going to visit these places – let her relive significant moments you shared together.

5. Celebrate Your Love All Year Long

This present is one of the best romantic gifts for girlfriend and one that will certainly show that you put a lot of thought into it. Plan 12 out-of-the-ordinary unique dates your girl will really love – one for each month. Take the time to plan, be really creative and detailed and diversify. Write each date plan on a separate piece of paper, put it in an envelope and seal it. Write the date of each date on the envelope. On Valentines morning give her the 12 envelopes and have her open the first one with February 14th on it. This is certainly the most unique gift idea of all the special gifts for her!

Great Valentines Day Gifts - Date Of The Month Club

6. Personalized Bedding

This is another of the perfect romantic gifts for girlfriend, which can add a personalized touch to something that will remind your girlfriend of you—even if you're on the other side of the world. You'll have several options. One is to use iron on heat transfer paper to add your own text or pictures to the bedding. The other is to send your design to an online site that specializes in the service

You can use Kim Casaly "Love Is" cartoon books to design your bedding and add one of the books to your gift.

7. Domain and a Website By Her Name

This is yet another of the special gifts for her that you could provide your girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Buy her a domain name by her name and build a mini site all about her. The site can include tons of personalized stuff, including letters, photos, videos, and so on. Just text her the site's address and let her explore the website to her heart's content. Don't forget to email her the ID and password – You want her to keep adding content and editing the site, don't you?

Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend - Domain Name By Her Name

8. Make Her Feel Like Home

If you and your girl aren't living together yet this is the perfect gift for her. Make a kit of all the things she needs whenever she stays the night at your place – tooth brush, hair brush, her favorite shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, slippers, pajamas…everything she brings in her overnight bag. This present will make her feel at home and will send her a message that you are serious about her and maybe considering to take your relationship to the next level. That is what Valentines is all about…

9. The Key To Her Heart

If you are looking for romantic gifts for girlfriend that convey a message of love this is your gift! Duplicate your apartment key, put it in a really nice gift box and give it to your sweetheart. Is there a better day than Valentine's Day to give such a symbolic gift?

Special Gifts For Her - The Key To Her Heart

10. Highfaluting Marriage Proposal

There are marriage proposals, and then there are marriage proposals. If you're looking for a new and fresh Valentine's Day gift, then this is certainly one of the top romantic gifts for girlfriend that you can choose. Ironically, the cornucopia of extreme marriage proposals today means that kneeling on one knee and offering her an engagement ring probably won't qualify as extraordinary. What's Plan B? You'll have to do some homework about which type of marriage proposal would be truly extraordinary and perhaps even unique. Even paying for a customized message on a blimp doesn't seem like one of the special gifts for her anymore, right?

Great Valentines Day Gifts - Marriage Proposal

These aforementioned ideas are just some of the top Valentine's Day gifts that you can chose for your girlfriend if you want to surprise her with the perfect romantic present.

If you still haven't found what you were looking for you can check out our Romantic Gift Ideas for Girlfriend section in the "Find Me a Gift" service - browse for ideas or pop your own question.

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