Any Nice Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend?

by Darby

I buy my girlfriend little gifts from time to time but I've ran out of ideas. I've bought her flowers, necklace, chocolates and a teddy bear. I want to continue doing this because she means the world to me and it makes her very happy. I don't know what to get her. Please help me with nice romantic gifts for girlfriend.

Hi Darby

Your girlfriend is a very lucky girl!

Here are some romantic gift ideas for you –

If you aren't living together your girlfriend probably brings a bag with her stuff whenever she spends the night at your place. Make her "Feel at Home" gift basket with all the things she brings – tooth brush, hair brush, her favorite shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, perfume, slippers, pajamas… It will make her feel more than welcome.

You can give her a key to your apartment as a gift. I'm sure that's a gift she'll really appreciate.

Buy some little chocolate bars. Take off the external wrapper and wrap it with a personalized wrapper you made on your computer. On each chocolate bar write an intimate love note or "I love you because…" – Put these little chocolate love notes in places she will easily find them. I consider this as one of the cutest and romantic gifts for girlfriend and your girlfriend most certainly will agree with me…

Surprise her with her favorite lunch – Order lunch for her and arrange for it to arrive on her lunch time together with a sweet loving note from you.

Make her a funny candy bar card for no other reason than to say you love her. Write a loving poem using candy names. Then write your poem on a big card board and glue the candy bars whose name you used in the poem. This is a sweet and cute way to tell your sweetheart that you love her.

Hope you like these ideas…


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What Are Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend?

by Ken

We've been dating for three month now. My girlfriend's birthday is coming up. I want to give her something unique and romantic. She is turning 21. I tried to look for some hints of what she wants but I'm clueless. So please just give me some ideas of what to give her. Thanks.

Hi Ken

Here is couple of romantic gifts for girlfriend –

The Birthday Menu is the perfect gift if you don't really know what to get your girlfriend. The birthday menu is a menu – each "course" has 3-4 options for her to choose from. These options are fun things she loves to do. Make the menu and plan everything. On her birthday's morning let her "order" her plans for the day. This gift idea is flexible in terms of budget, time and logistics. It can be a fun romantic day the 2 of you spend alone or it can be a big production that involves her friends and family. The choice is yours.

Most girls love astrology. Some of them take it seriously and plan their lives according to the weekly forecast. If your girl is one of this astrology fans you can buy her a full detailed astrological map according to her birth date.

Happy birthday to your girl friend


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Cute, Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend on Our One Year Anniversary

by Bill

I'm trying to think of something cute to give my girlfriend for our one year anniversary. We're both 17. Homemade gifts are always good - she appreciates these kinds of gifts. I'm looking for something more than just a gift. Any ideas?

Hi Bill

If you're in high school I'm sure you text and chat a lot. One of the most romantic gifts for girlfriend you can make is a book of your love. Take SMSs you sent to your girlfriend (and her replies of course), print your chats and email correspondence. Add photos and love notes. Arrange all of it in chronological order and bind it all together. I'm sure your girl will love it!

Have you heard about the Five Senses gift concept? The idea is simple and the possibilities are endless. Give her a little gift for each one of the five human senses. For example –

  • Sight – Make her a photo collage with photos of the 2 of you.

  • Hear – Burn a CD with her favorite play list of dedicate your song to her on the radio.

  • Touch – Give your girl a pampering massage or take her to the spa.

  • Smell – Bring her flowers or scented candles.

  • Taste – Cook her dinner or take her out to a picnic.

How about recreating your first date? Ask her out and do exactly what you did on your first date – or better – fix the things that were awkward – first dates tend to be exciting and a bit embarrassing, don't they? You can give her the Book of Your Love as part of the date. This is a date she'll remember for a lot of time.

Good Luck


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