Unique First Birthday Gifts for My Niece

by Sam
(Cape town South Africa)

My niece will be a year old on the twenty third. I have no idea what to get her. She is still small. She has toys, clothes and many books. I don't know what to get her. Any ideas?

Thank you

Hi Sam,

If I was looking for unique first birthday gifts I would go for personalized gifts. They're great and tend to be special in the eyes of the recipient.

Personalized books – look for a site where you can order a book that you can use the child's name as the hero and maybe use her photos too. I'm sure this will be your niece favorite book.

A quilt with her photos might be a great gift. Around that age kids get attached to certain items like a stuffed animal or a special blanket. You might get lucky and she'll fall for your gift :0)

You can get her a CD with popular children's songs that include your niece's name throughout the songs. Your niece will be delighted every time she'll hear her name.

Another special idea is to buy a bottle of wine made in the baby's birth year with a personalized private label. Her parents will keep it and make a toast in her honor with it on her 21st birthday.

Happy first birthday to your niece,


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What Are UNIQUE First Birthday Gifts for Our Nephew?

by Gabi

My mother in law has gotten him laterally everything! He's the first baby and very spoiled. My husband and I would like to get him something special. He has plenty of clothes, toys, books…Everything. I want to get him something a bit more meaningful or something that can turn into a tradition; I'd love to get some ideas.

Hi Gabi,

Here are some ideas for unique first birthday gifts for your nephew:

Every child, no matter how old he is, loves to listen to others reading stories to him. Record yourself and your husband reading stories out loud. You can add the book you recorded to the gift and in time he'll listen to the recorded story and follow the pictures in the book.

The first year of my life - You can make a photo book album with photos of your nephew walking through the first year of his life – his birth, first bath, first smile, first tooth, first time I sat, first time I stood… It might look as a lovely gift to his parents but it won’t be long until it will become his favorite.

Speaking of traditions –

Make a photo album (or a scrapbook) of his birthday photos – one page for every birthday. Put a photo from his birth and mom and dad will add the rest as he grows up.

Bring a tree (or trees) plant. Plant it in the yard and watch it grow as your nephew grows up.

Make a casting replica or a print of his hand or foot, put it in a frame and hang it on the wall. Next year make another print or replica and hang it beside the first one. If the tradition will be kept you'll be able to see his growth along the years…

Good luck and happy birthday to your nephew.


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Want Some Ideas for Unique First Birthday Gifts for Baby Girl

by Lili

I need some good ideas and suggestions for unique first birthday gifts for a baby girl – she's the daughter of our house owners. I want to give something good and practical but within my budget which is 80-100$. Please help me. Thanx in advance...

Hi Lili,

80$ is a nice budget.

One idea would be to get her a gift card to one of these classes designed especially for toddlers like baby yoga, music class, Gymboree, toddler gym or other… This is a wonderful gift the baby and the parents can enjoy from.

Since babies at this age understand very little about birthdays and gifts this occasion is a great opportunity to take care of her future. Give her a nice piggy bank with her name and put some money in it. Her parents can add it to the bond or saving account they've opened for her. Or you can open purchase a bond and add the deposit slip to your card.

Most one year old aren't weaned off diapers – so if you're talking about practical gift – a supply of diapers will definitely be gift her parents will appreciate.

Hoped you liked these ideas.


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