I'm Looking for Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for My Mom's 50th Birthday

by Kayla

I'm looking for some 50th birthday present ideas for my mom. I don't know what to get her. She doesn't really have any hobbies and it's always hard to get her a gift.

I am almost 16 so I can't drive anywhere. I am planning her a birthday party but I want to get her a really nice gift because she is so giving herself.


Hi Kayla,

Throwing your mom a birthday party is great and 50th birthday milestone definitely deserves a really nice gift!!!

I tried to come up with some creative birthday gift ideas for you:

Book of Wishes – Send an email to all her friends, family and co-workers. Tell them about her upcoming birthday and ask them to send you their photo (preferably with your mom) and their wishes. Print the photos and the wishes and make her a book of wishes. You can ask some of the people to make a video greeting and create a digital version using Power-Point. I'm sure it's a gift she will cherish. I don't know how much time you have before the big day but if you have less than 2-3 weeks I recommend that you choose a different gift.

Date of the Month Club – One of the best 50th birthday gift any parent could ask is some quality time with his/her child. Plan 12 mother-daughter dates – one for each month. A date can be shopping at the mall, dinner and a movie night, home beauty treatment… anything you enjoy doing together (and that's within your budget). Write each date plan on a nice paper, put it in an envelope and close it. On each envelope write the name of the month the date is planned to take place at. Wrap all 12 envelopes with a nice ribbon and you're done.

Big Hits – I don't know if your mom is a music person but I'm sure that there are some hits she loved to hear when she was young. Make a little research on the internet and find out what were the most popular hits when she was young (according to my calculation you should focus on the late seventies and the eighties). Download them and make her a music collection I'm sure won't go out of her car stereo for a long time (you can use one of these softwares that converts clips from video-clips to mp3 format).

Homemade Coupon Book – Put together 50 homemade gift certificates your mom can redeem whenever she likes. You can go from babysitting your little siblings, wash her car, a week free of laundry to lessons how to use facebook and a mother-daughter date of her choice. It's a gift you can easily make, you don't need to spend any money and I have no doubt that your mom will love it.

The Five Senses Gift Concept – This is one of the most creative birthday gift ideas I know. Basically you give one gift that symbolizes each one of the human senses. You can fit it to any budget and the possibilities are endless.

I hope you like at least one of these ideas…
You can check this page for some more ideas.

Good luck and Happy Birthday to your mom.


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